Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Use of Alkaline Supplements in Managing Acidosis

An alkaline enhancement capsule is a substance that supplements an individual's diet and reduces the level of acids in the body. Some of the signs of high body acidity include poor digestion, sluggishness, infections or illness. Apart from making drastic changes to the diet, taking an alkaline supplement may be the best remedy for the problem of acidosis. This is because dietary changes are often so much difficult to achieve. There are various types of alkaline supplements currently available in the market.

The normal pH level of human blood is 7.365. A pH level below this level may cause an illness or an abnormality in the body. Unstable pH is usually the main cause of acidosis. This results in depletion of essential minerals from the vital body organs. It can also lead to severe degenerative illnesses. Nutritionists recommend a diet rich in 80 percent of alkalizing foods and 20 percent proteins and lipids. Alkalizing food include vegetables and fruits.

There are things an individual must consider before buying alkaline supplements. One such consideration is determining how serious the symptoms are. Depending on the intensity, the supplements are available for mild, intermediate and acute symptoms. It is a general perception among many people that taking appropriate acid reducing capsules is just as vital as a healthy diet.

Some of the minor symptoms of acidosis include cold hands, heartburn, low libido, hyperactivity, low energy levels, constipation, aches and a white coated tongue. Depression, fungal and bacterial infections, flue and earaches are some of the intermediate symptoms associated with acidosis. Acute symptoms may include cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hodgkin disease and schizophrenia.

Individuals with minor symptoms may take supplement pills containing alkalizing enzymes. The inability of the body to secrete adequate amount of alkaline food digesting enzymes causes the body to become more acidic. Little or failure of the supplement to cause any effect after six weeks may be an indicator of adequate amount of enzymes required by the body. Should this occur the user should go for a different type of capsule.

Alkaline supplements rich in alkalizing greens will normalize the pH in case of any initial supplement failure or little results. Vegetables are the main ingredients of these kinds of supplements. They assist the body in absorption of fibers, photo-nutrients, vitamins, chlorophyll as well as minerals. The resultant effect is reduction in the level of acid in the body.

Supplements containing alkalizing minerals like iron, manganese, calcium, and potassium are ideal for those individuals with intermediate acidosis symptoms. These minerals are vital in buffering acids in the body. Intermediate symptoms can also be an indication that the body has limited amount of healthy bacteria. In case of any presence of infections or indigestion, supplements pills rich in probiotics and probiotics becomes essential. Probiotics refer to the healthy bacteria required by the body while probiotics assist the bacteria dwell and flourish in the body.

For individuals with acute acidosis, it is better for them to take supplements that enhance acid drainage. Some people call these supplements super fruits. Most fruits usually produce an alkaline effect soon after digestion.

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