Sunday, July 14, 2013

EDTA Chelation Benefits - Therapy Can Help Prevent, Reverse, and Cure Over 40 Symptoms and Diseases

The list of benefits for chelation therapy is growing everyday and now contains at least forty six (46) conditions, symptoms and diseases it can help prevent, reverse or even cure. Anytime a simple procedure, like IV chelation or and even simpler therapy like oral chelation, can cure a vascular condition like it cured my peripheral vascular disease it should be considered by every health care professional in the world. However it is not.

Simple usually means easy and inexpensive which edta chelation therapy certainly is and that is it's major downfall. No one but the patient benefits from edta chelation therapy. EDTA's patent ran out years ago. So there is not enough money in EDTA Chelation Therapy therefore there is no research and since there is no money or research the medical community as a whole would rather it go away. The medical community likes to concentrate on patentable drug therapies there is much more profit potential

However chelation therapy does work and it has been taken by millions of people without any side effects. Further it cured my peripheral vascular disease and it has cured many thousands of other people's various forms of heart and circulatory disease.

It is a very inexpensive procedure especially when compared to the medically popular alternatives. IV chelation is from $125 to $150 per treatment and has little or no pain involved. Oral chelation is in the $2 to $3 per treatment range. Compare that to open heart surgery and angioplasty. It is a no brainer. Doctors and health professionals have been using this therapy to cure the conditions, symptoms and diseases listed below since 1950. If you are one of those courageous individuals who believe in taking responsibility for their own health then chelation therapy can be your answer.

You can use EDTA chelation therapy. for:

o Improve even cure peripheral vascular disease.
o Improve even cure peripheral artery disease.
o Eliminate Pain in the feet and toes caused by poor circulation
o Leg cramps when walking
o Burgers disease.
o Clogged or reduced flow in heart arteries
o To avoid by pass surgery
o Avoid angioplasty
o Clogged or reduced flow in neck arteries.
o Helps reduce the chance of stroke
o Removal of lead and other heavy metals
o Poor circulation caused by diabetes.
o Reverse atherosclerosis
o Prevents cholesterol deposits
o Lowers present cholesterol levels
o Heals open wounds (ulcers)
o Reduces intermittent claudication. (Eliminated mine)
o Lowers blood pressure.
o Improves vision in diabetic retinopathy.
o Makes arterial walls more flexible
o Dissolves intra-arterial blood clots
o Normalizes cardiac arrhythmias.
o Prevents osteoarthritis
o Has anti aging effects
o Lowers diabetics insulin needs
o Can cure diabetic neuropathy (alpha lipoic acid can too)
o Reverses diabetic gangrene
o Improves memory (circulation improvement)
o Helps reverse senility
o Reduce the after effects of heart attacks and stroke.
o Removes calcium from blood vessel plaques
o Removes digitalis toxicity
o Dissolves small cataracts
o Reduces excessive heart contractions
o Reduces Alzheimer-like symptoms
o Reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
o Increases intracellular potassium
o Reduces heart/stroke after effects
o Improves heart function
o Prevents cancer
o Removes mineral and drug deposits
o Dissolves kidney stones
o Reduces iron serum levels
o Restores impaired vision
o Reduces heart valve calcification
o Reduces varicose veins

Doesn't it make sense to use a nutrient (amino acid) to prevent and cure symptoms of disease? It is inexpensive, easy to get and has no side effects. You can take charge of your own health and nutrition. If you are just feeling some of the symptoms it is very easy to fix. It is when the disease or condition becomes advanced that it is much more complicated to fix and I can tell you from experience you do not want the advanced problems.


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