Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is Arthritis Hip Pain Grinding You Into Submission? Discover What's Behind it and End Your Pain Now

Do you know if you are experiencing arthritis hip pain? Many people don't understand the very symptoms of arthritis hip pain; consequently, they may blow the symptoms off as "just some nagging injury that will heal up" or "I must have twisted my hip a little, I'll be alright in a few days".

But if you really are experiencing arthritis hip pain, not the effects of an injury, you can't treat that pain in your hip the way you might have always treated it before. If you've got pain in your hip due to arthritis, it is probably a form of rheumatoid arthritis. And while men can and do certainly get rheumatoid arthritis in their hips and elsewhere in their bodies, it is a fact that about 75% of "rheumatism" sufferers are women--especially when it comes to the hips. Why this is so is essentially a mystery, but we know that it's a fact. Therefore, the first hint that the pain in your hips might be arthritis is your being female.

Rheumatoid arthritis, as doctors will tell you, is possibly a conglomeration of several diseases all at once, for while it is based in inflammation it also directly affects the immune system--and affects it for worse, not better. When you get this disease in your joints, such as your hip joints, you may experience limitations on your hips' range of mobility as well as tenderness and the obvious pain caused by inflammation. If you suspect that you are experiencing arthritis hip pain, you should go to your doctor immediately. X-rays can determine if there is wear and tear on the joints because of damage done in that area to tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and bone. Once this damage is done, arthritis hip pain can arise because of circumstances similar to what happens when the break pads on your car wear out and suddenly the metal bar is pressing directly against the inner part of your tires. Your pain is like that "squeal" sound or, if things get really bad, just like your breaking bar pressing metal-to-metal--wearing out your tires quickly and causing you to be unable to stop properly. This is why your range of motion is compromised--and, it's the source of the intense pain that you feel.

Rheumatoid arthritis is so sinister because it can come on without any warning. There are people suffering from arthritis who have gone to bed fine one night and woken up in the morning with sudden aches and pains, loss of mobility in the joints, low-level fevers (a possible arthritic symptom), and fatigue (another possible symptom). Arthritis in the hips can cause the hip joints to become destabilized and even deformed. This could clearly lead to loss of walking speed, diminished ability to balance which could be especially dangerous in certain places such as when taking a shower, and perhaps, eventually, the need to use a cane or be in a wheelchair.

If you have pain or tenderness in your hips and you suddenly cannot move your hips as you usually could, first consider if you've done something to injure yourself. But, if you cannot rationally figure out how you did this, then you must get to your doctor right away and check for it being arthritis hip pain. Remember, this condition can come on literally overnight, although of course it has built up to that point over time. There are steps you can take to diminish the pain and perhaps even keep it at bay. But arthritis hip pain is nothing to be taken lightly or ignored

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