Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Types of Gout and How To Remedy Them

Gout relief is possible with lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and appropriate natural remedies to eliminate uric acid build-up from the body will help achieve this.

Gout is known to be the most excruciating type of arthritis there is. Symptoms such as soreness of joints, redness, and extreme pain are indicative of gout.

The intense pain and burning sensation experienced by gout sufferers is caused by inflammation in the affected areas. It is therefore important that steps are taken to initiate immediate relief from the symptoms.

Gout takes several forms. Each form is characterised by differing symptoms. Here are the common types of gout people should be aware of:

Acute gout. This is often characterised by joint inflammation due to high levels of uric acid in the blood. Excruciating pain that causes throbbing may be experienced by the patient for some days. While the person's big toes are the most affected areas, gout infection may also spread to the surrounding areas.

Chronic gout. This is probably one of the most perilous gout types. It is hazardous because it has the ability to permanently damage one's joints and kidneys. It may also affect areas such as one's ears, hands, knees, tendons, and other parts of the body. There is also the presence of pus on the person's skin.

Recurrent gout. People who suffer from this kind of gout experience relief from the symptoms for a few months or years. While the joints may return to its original functioning, they may incur further, more serious damage when symptoms reoccur. Remember a recurrent bout can cause more dangerous symptoms than when they first took place.

Hyperuricemia. This type of gout is characterised by high levels of uric acid in the body. Primary hyperuricemia is a type of gout that is inherited. Kidney dysfunction reduces the body's ability to remove the right amount of uric acid, thus causing a build-up in the blood. Another type of this gout is secondary hyperuricemia, which is caused by certain medications.

Immediate relief from gout can be achieved by medication, unfortunately with all drugs side effects are known. While medications are effective in treating gout, having a complete change of diet and lifestyle can make treatment easier and faster.

Taking in about 2-4 litres of water daily will help rid one's body of toxins. When toxins are flushed out of the system, there is an increased likelihood that gout can be reduced. Alcoholic drinks and foods with extremely high fat contents should be avoided. A lower consumption of meat, poultry, and fish can effectively relieve one of gout symptoms. Also, including cherries, strawberries, avocados, grapes, and blueberries in your diet is a good way of getting relief from gout pain. These are very helpful in reducing the body's uric acid levels.

Alternative treatments such as meditation and deep relaxation can help treat the severe pain experienced from gout. It is also important that one also has a daily intake of vitamin C to aid in the treatment of gout symptoms.

Gout relief is possible with a lifestyle change including some exercise, a healthier diet, and appropriate natural remedies treatment to eliminate the uric acid problems from the body. Follow this advice and you will remedy this condition, but you have to do it yourself. There aren't any magic pills to remove the problem so you can carry on abusing your body and get away with it. It is a time to be honest with yourself and put your health first. This is a test of your will power. You can be permanently free of gout if you decide to make the changes today!

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