Friday, September 6, 2013

A Simple Diet To Eliminate Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is no more than joint inflammation. However, it may appear in many different forms (more than one hundred types), and strikes millions in America. The actual causes of arthritis pain are relatively unknown, but it seems that as you age you become more susceptible to it.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, most treatment programs involve medication, rest, exercise, and means of avoiding joint pain.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, Aspirin is one of the major as well as the safest drugs for treating arthritis pain. For treating more serious cases, increased dosage of Aspirin is often recommended. However, Aspirin has undesirable side effects, such as nausea, stomach pain, and impaired hearing.

Other than Aspirin, medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis to reduce joint inflammation and pain includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), with brand names such as Motrin and Advil, among others. However, deaths had been linked to these drugs: development of bleeding ulcers, especially in elderly patients. As a result of these fatal side effects, these drugs usually carry strong warning labels of serious gastrointestinal toxicity, such as bleeding and ulceration, among others. However, many patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis simply ignore these warnings.

Another category of medication to treat rheumatoid problems and joint inflammation is the cortico-steroids. These drugs also cause major side effects, such as ulcers, hair growth over the face, bone loss, wasting of arm and leg muscles, mood changes, and kidney damage. These potentially dangerous drugs suppress the body's immune system.

Several long-term studies reported unfavorable findings of cortico-steroids. For example, in the United Kingdom, there was a study of over a 20-year span, indicating that one-third of the patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis were dead and the majority of the remaining patients became severely disabled due to their arthritis pain.

Do you have rheumatoid arthritis? Are you using medication to treat your arthritis pain? Do you have concern over the potentially hazardous side effects of arthritis medication? After all, all pharmaceutical drugs are toxic by nature. They may be able to alleviate your arthritis pain, while creating other new symptoms that have to be dealt with further down the road.

How about nutrition therapy as an alternative treatment for your arthritis pain?

The Chinese have accumulated thousands of years of medical wisdom. One of the most popular arthritis diets is the Dong's diet. The well-known Dong's diet is basically a "poor man's diet," focusing on a simple diet of fish, vegetables, and rice, with small amounts of chicken, to the exclusion of meat, fruits, and dairy products.

The Dong's diet, initiated by a San Francisco doctor, is founded on the concept that arthritis pain is no more than allergic reactions to certain foods.

An allergen is a substance that produces an antibody reaction within your body. This antibody reaction causes allergy symptoms manifested in joint pain. An allergen can be a frequently eaten food, or the additives or chemicals in any processed food (this is another legitimate reason why you should stay away from all processed and refined foods).

Nowadays, even doctors are accepting the concept of the close connection between joint pain and diets.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis and you don't want to take those potentially dangerous drugs, maybe it is time you considered changing your diet. As Dr. Dong said: "It's what you don't eat that counts."

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