Thursday, September 19, 2013

Natural Cures For Rheumatoid Arthritis That You Can Try Easily

Rheumatoid arthritis is something that causes severe pain and swelling causing the joints to feel extremely tender and painful. There are various medications a doctor can give you to help relieve the pain and to bring down the swelling. The most common type of drug for rheumatoid arthritis are anti inflammatory drugs. Although these drugs can be effective in the general treatment of this painful condition, there are also some very effective, safe natural cures for rheumatoid arthritis. Here are a few of those natural remedies that anyone suffering with this condition should consider trying.

Cod Liver Oil

Taking one or two spoonfuls of cod liver oil can greatly relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, due to the fact that one of the single most painful factors when it comes to this condition, is cartilage damage. Cod liver oil actually slows down the process of cartilage damage and helps lubricate the joints. Therefore helping the sufferer to feel less pain than they normally would.


Cinnamon has got many healing properties, if you have never tried it as a natural remedy then now would be the time to start. In terms of natural cures for arthritis this is a very well known and somewhat effective one. Take one teaspoon in the morning and one teaspoon at night. Once you get into the routine of doing this, within 2 or 3 weeks you should see some good results from this. Overall you will feel healthier, more energetic and the pain will not be so intense.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is used a lot in the treatment of any kind of muscle or joint pain, it is known to be a natural pain soother, and has been used for generations to relieve pain. The minerals in Epsom salt can help to renew the bones as well as strengthen them. Therefore soaking in a warm bath of Epsom salt every night before you go to bed could have a great effect on your overall feeling of well being. As well as relieving the crippling pain of rheumatoid arthritis

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is vital in the process of cell renewal, as well as in the process of bone renewal. If you drink enough water to keep your body fully hydrated, this well help greatly in making your body work more efficiently and effectively. Therefore it gives some relief to rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Lemon and Lime juice

Drinking lemon and lime juice in hot water has been known to help relieve or even cure rheumatoid arthritis. There are so many natural cures for rheumatoid arthritis and lemon and lime juice have been amongst the most talked about cures. As they have some powerful antioxidant properties, which apparently help with pain relief.

When it comes to natural cures for rheumatoid arthritis, although there are a few to choose from, it is best to find and use a couple of them at first and see what works for you. Not everyone is the same and what work for someone else may not work for you.

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