Saturday, September 21, 2013

Determining the Factors That Cause Hip Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects the movement of the body that causes pain and loss of movements of the joints. It is usually chronic that can last on and off of a person's lifetime. There are over a hundred known kinds of arthritis that affect many areas of the body. In some forms of arthritis, there are associated diseases which affect tissues and other organs of the body. Determining the cause of your hip arthritis can be a little difficult. There are several factors that contribute to arthritis.

Some of these factors of what causes arthritis are:

Heredity or Genetics - This cause is not well understood. There is no exact explanation how heredity or genetics contributes to the formation of arthritis. Nonetheless, there are genetic variations that point to what causes your arthritis.

Age- As we age, cartilage becomes brittle and has lesser capacity to heal and repair itself.

Weight - Excessive weight can contribute to your hip arthritis because the joint has to support the load or the weight of a person.

Hazards at work- there are specific work load that have a higher risk of developing arthritis like heavy construction and jobs that are very physical.

Previous injury- Previous major injuries can be considered as causes to hip arthritis.

Illness and infection - a joint infection, multiply recurrence of gout and other medical conditions can contribute to the development of arthritis.

There is no known cure for arthritis. However, with early detection, it can help start the appropriate treatment as soon as the person begins to notice symptoms of arthritis. It is a fact that people cannot avoid old age or change genetics. But people can take control of their weight, the freedom to choose a job with varying activities, a healthy diet rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 oils to maintain a healthy joint and not get overweight.

In addition, before taking any medicines or alternative treatments, it is recommended to seek medical advice that can help plan daily routines and give advices that can help relieve arthritis.

The causes of hip arthritis can be managed effectively. Knowledge and understanding are the keys to deal with the discomfort. People with arthritis should never allow this disease to cripple them and make this a huge barrier to live a happy life. With right medication, change of lifestyle and proper exercise for arthritis can aid people with arthritis to bring down pain and the inflammation of joints under control.

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