Monday, August 5, 2013

The Signs and Symptoms of Inflammation Can Be Reduced

The visible signs and symptoms of inflammation are your swollen, throbbing body parts and joint pain.
And that's only what you can see.

There are really two types of inflammation: Acute and chronic

Acute inflammation is instant and short-lived. It's your body's process of healing itself if you cut your finger while slicing vegetables for dinner. It works like this, the white blood cells rush to the injured area and start attacking any possibility of infection. This cell army destroys damaged tissue and starts your healing by creating new tissue. You'll feel a throbbing pain which is your white blood cells at work. In a few hours or days, you won't feel this anymore and the healing will be well on its way.

Chronic inflammation is a different story. Your body keeps destroying healthy tissue because it doesn't know when to stop. If it continues for months or years, you can be at risk for many diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease, cancer and many more.

Chronic inflammation can block your arteries which put you at risk for heart attack. It can block your neuron pathways so messages can't get through leading to memory loss and Alzheimer's.

As you can see, chronic inflammation is a serious matter. Your doctor can perform something called a C-Reactive Test to see if you're at risk. Doctors agree that inflammation is at the root of most diseases.

The Benefit of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
You can reduce the signs and symptoms of inflammation by including more natural anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.

The key ingredient you need more of is Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential to good health and boosting your immune system.

It's primarily the DHA in these foods that you need and the best source of that essential nutrient is fatty fish. Cold water fish like salmon, tuna and sardines provide the building the blocks for your health.

Nutritionists recommend 2-3 fish meals a week to up your levels of Omega 3. Or you can take a fish oil supplement with DHA.

A 2008 Baylor University and Harvard Medical School study found Omega 3 fish oils to be effective in reducing your symptoms of inflammation.

The American Heart Association recommends fish oil supplements to heart patients to protect against heart disease. In fact, study after study show supplements are a quick and effective way to get the Omega 3 fatty acids you need to protect yourself from disease.

The signs and symptoms of inflammation can be reduced with the right fish oil supplements. Doctors recommend it to their patients. Visit my website to learn about Omega 3 fish oil supplements and the supplements I personally recommend.

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