Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Massages and Hydrotherapy For Pain Relief

Massages are known worldwide known for their multiple benefits. Depending on the receiver's need, massages can enhance muscle performance or relieve the deep tension that occurs mainly because of the stress. Recommended by doctors, massages have a strong therapeutic power and are integrated in the recovering process of many patients whether they suffer from osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or need relief from an accident's post trauma.

The Swedish massage is being used worldwide where the patient receives because of the strokes used in it joint and tension relief. Having involved a rather gentle style with rubbing, tapping and kneading of the muscles, the Swedish massage is ideal for minimizing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and because of that it is often prescribed in the rheumatoid arthritis treatments.

The deep tissue massage is a variation of the Swedish massage in which is more pressure applied to the tissues so that the massage effect will be felt on the deeper layer of muscles as well. Involving the use of fingertips and sometimes the elbows, the result of the deep tissue massage is stress relief and deep relaxation. However, more gentle massages like craniosacral therapy will also have as result the desired profound relief.

Hydrotherapy is an alternative for exercise therapy that can be painful for people that suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis and can not benefit from relieving pain and improving mobility because mobility causes pain to people having this autoimmune disease. Hydrotherapy offers the benefits of improving the body functions without putting stress on the joints or other body parts that are in pain because of the disease. Being especially useful for treating joint pain and stiffness, the common rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, hydrotherapy is a great way for patients to learn what exercises are helpful for their disease. The major benefit of the hydrotherapy is that patients do the exercises in warm water where the gravitational forces on the body are reduced and the joint mobility is considerably increased; also because of the water jets, the blood flow is increased as well improving the effective mobility in the entire body.

For people with osteoarthritis, hydrotherapy has been proved to be effective as well by improving the physical function and general health in the knees of the patients. Also, the benefit of having physical exercises impact free and with easier joint movement is a huge plus for people with osteoarthritis.

Combined with a healthy rheumatoid arthritis diet or a nourishing osteoarthritis diet, massages and therapies, especially hydrotherapy will help the suffering people of this disease make progress in recovering and get rid of the arthritis joint pain or knee pain and lack of strength. And for less pain in the joints, don't forget adding Omega 3 in your daily meals that will surely minimize your pain and joints inflammation!

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