Saturday, August 24, 2013

Natural Solutions to Arthritis (Including Rheumatoid Arthritis)

If you suffer from this dreadful conditions you may be concerned or even panicking. You may be plagued by images of disability and inability to pursue your favorite interests and activities. This is what I was told years ago, when I was first diagnosed with the disease. I was told that anti-inflammatory drugs would be the only solutions. At the time traditional medicine was quite ill-equipped to deal with this complex condition, so I refused to ingest drugs which would give me more side-effects than real relief from the symptoms (pain, stiffness initially and then some swelling with severe pain).

I was very lucky, in that, by mere chance, I was introduced to homeopathy. My then boss was also a registered Homeopath and happened to suggest a few remedies to me for a different condition, which were very effective. My interest in this alternative type of treatment was peaked and I quickly made an appointment with a highly-recommended Practical Homeopath (not a Classical Homeopath). She not only resolved my other complaint (skin-related), but my pain, stiffness and swelling disappeared almost overnight. Some of the symptoms occasionally returned and I was therefore prescribed slight remedy variations. I am proud to state that to this day I can function perfectly, I run, I hike, I play tennis without any pain nor stiffness. I no longer have any swelling of any type. And, above all, without any side-effects but rather an overall improvement in my health.

Homeopathy can be prescribed for specific symptoms or for an overall set of symptoms (the latter is always more effective, hence a careful study of the patient is necessary before prescribing a remedy). In my case, Staphisagria, Folliculinum and Lachesis were extremely effective, in this exact order. Homeopathy and the way it works with your body can only experienced and it's hard to explain. My advice is to go to a Practical Homeopath (registered) and not a Classical Homeopath; however, the latter can help if the former is not available in your area.

You can, of course, self-medicate if you have some knowledge of how homeopathy works. However, the guidance of a registered Practical Homeopath will help you find the right remedy much more quickly and effectively.

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