Friday, August 23, 2013

A Cure For Arthritis That Really Works

It has been known for years by many seasoned medical professionals that prescription medications to reverse or relieve the symptoms of arthritis only mask the problem. The answer of course is to fix the underlying cause of the condition and reverse the effects altogether.

First we must understand what a crippling arthritic condition really is. A crippling arthritic condition is the deterioration of joint tissue resulting in pain, swelling, discomfort, and immobility. Whether it be Osteo, RA, or Gouty etc, it basically functions the same way. The deterioration of the joint area is usually the result of enzymes eating away at the joint/cartilage over a period of time.


A. In many cases it is believed that an individuals ability to develop such conditions is within the genetics of the body.

B. An injury to the joint or effected area could be somewhat the catalyst in weakening the cartilage/tissue and enabling the area to be more prone to arthritis.

C. A mineral/nutrient deficiency slows the bodys ability to repair itself, and whether inherited or not, arthritis develops.

I myself was diagnosed with RA in 2001. I began to seek out every possible way to cure my condition. I would wake up with my hands swollen, fingers curled, and burning pain. Actually, the pain medicine and naproxen began to not do much at all. Maybe we build a tolerance to it over a period of time. I dont know. But I couldnt live with the thought of never playing the piano, guitar, or other things I enjoyed. Thanks to an older doctor who believes in "old fashion cures for what ail you", I found a cure that worked for me. Thanks to him, I am able to share this with you.

I actually found two natural cures. The one I used in the beginning was a supplement that contained glucosamine, along with a t-spoon of flax seed oil daily, and colloidal silver. I was doing so fine in feeling I was totally cured, that I stopped taking the daily supplements, along with everything else. When the arhtritis began to return, I couldn't find the supplement. I tried so many glucosamine supplements and none had the same effect as the first did. So this is what lead me to the real cure.


Keep in mind that my condition returned after I stopped taking the supplements. So if you are looking for a permanent cure that will rid you of arthritis, then lets move on.

The method I used to rid my life of arthritis for good, is a combination of techniques from a great program I found. It has been 7 years and the arthritis is gone. The best way to cure your arthritis is with a good working program you can do at home. It combines a little of the above mentioned formula along with a system a lady came up with. She has helped me so much! I can't thank her enough! There are many out there. If you search the internet, you will find a program you can use. Some take longer than others, and some don't work at all. However, if you want a system for a cure for arthritis that really works, see my blog link and I'll guide you right to her.

Immediate, and long lasting relief can be realised with the information I am sharing here. It has worked for me. I would advise you to follow my blog link and we will walk you through to a cure for arthritis that really works. Cure arthritis now!

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