Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gout FAQ No 6: Who Gets Gout?

Who Gets Gout?

Predominantly middle-aged men, however, it is becoming more frequent to see men in their late 20s and earlier 30s challenged with the symptoms of gouty arthritis. Due to this increase of this painful form of rheumatoid arthritis, the pharmaceutical companies have been working to produce new gout medications for the skyrocketing demand.

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men over 40. Men have higher levels of uric acid in their blood than women but women can also get gout, generally after menopause, which occurs around age 50. Also, gout is usually thought to be hereditary and that it occurs most often in overweight men over 30 who drink beer, wine and alcohol in general.

Lead poisoning or toxicity causes saturnine gout, which affects the kidneys and there are some autoimmune conditions can predispose a person to gout. Uric acid gout is also listed as a possible side effect of certain medications, including diuretics, aspirin, cyclosporine, and levodopa,and various other therapies, including pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy. Symptoms of gout may even come about as a response to an illness such as cancer.

Chronic gout attacks in the atypical gout sufferer can be triggered by a broad range of events. Stress, emotional trauma or anger can cause a gout attack. Binge eating and/or drinking is one of the common gout causes, and similarly so will a sudden/crash diet. Injuries as slight as a stubbed toe or twisted ankle can bring on a flare-up and damaged or stressed joints will succumb to an attack quite easily and repeatedly.

Whether the genetic component for gout is as strong a factor as is widely believed. Who gets gout depends more on lifestyle related habits and choices, as are so many other conditions, illnesses and diseases. What causes gout is the over abundance of uric acid in the bloodstream and that can happen to anyone of almost any age. The reason that it happens more often to middle-aged men is because of the poor health habits that men more often exhibit that do women. Metabolic acidic wastes, including uric acid, accumulate for decades before they become a problem.

Frequently men reach the age of 45 and have their fist gout attack, then start to look gout cures; gout medications, gout remedies, natural gout treatments, etc. This is usually in vain however, due to the accumulation of toxic acid wastes in the tissues and the ingrained lifetime habits. Those conditions and habits continue and therefore, so do the symptoms of gout. Preventing gout is the answer to gout pain relief.

The underlying cause of gout is found in the overall acidic condition or acidosis of the whole body, and finding a natural treatment for gout is the better long-term solution. Cherry juice for gout is one of many and is the most well-known and most popular.

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