Friday, July 26, 2013

Swollen Fingers and Feet - A Symptom That Needs Medical Attention

Swollen fingers and feet could be a symptom of a serious disease; the good news is that the disease is in its first phase, but swelling is a symptom that needs medical attention.

Knuckle - cracking is a signal for lack of calcium in one's organism. Deformed and painful joints of the fingers are a symptom of osteoarthritis; keep in mind that such changes often occur in people suffering from gout.

Painfully swollen joints /redness appears also/are a symptom of polyarthritis and need immediate medical attention.

The shape of one's hands holds clues about disease dangers; quite long ago was found out that the wider the palms, the better health; however, people with broad palms and short fingers are susceptible to blood circulation disorders, primarily high blood pressure.

Narrow palms with thin fingers and pale skin usually indicate nervous system issues such as sensitive response to abrupt changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, or time zones, as well as to rasping sounds and emotional problems.

If you feel your fingers abnormally swollen it could be a result of fluid retention likely due to an underactive thyroid, which means that it produces insufficient quantities of hormones that regulate metabolism and proper functioning of our body; slow metabolism results in fluid retention and excessive weight gain.

If longitudinal wrinkle - like rumples begin to appear on your fingertips, you should pay attention to the endocrine system because you could possibly suffer from hypothyroidism or diabetes mellitus. If your fingers are crimson, the problems are related to the digestive system. In case the fingers are dark-red or even purple, your kidneys and liver need medical attention. Itching on the sidewise surface of the index finger could be a signal for colon disorder.

Pay attention to the condition of the joints because some conclusions could be drawn, such as too flexible joints in combination with low general muscle tonus of the fingers indicate problems with the liver and gallbladder.

Swollen joints - swelling when combined with redness, warmth, pain and stiffness in the joints could be caused by traumas, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, gout, osteomyelitis, osteoarthritis, mucopolysaccharidosis/aka MPS or Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome/, and so forth. Elderly and overweight people are more predisposed to swelling of the joints.

Consider everything listed here only as an indicator of possible health problems; keep in mind that this is not diagnostics, but only a reason to consult your GP. Do not wait too long before seeking a professional medical advice.

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