Friday, July 26, 2013

Locking, Grinding, and Popping Knee Problems - Should I Worry?

Locking, popping, and grinding are not just dance moves.

Knee problems also share those same characteristics.

Because you aren't a soda can firecracker or a soda can it's expected that hearing popping sounds in the leg is definitely an indicator that some thing is wrong. The reality though is the fact that popping sounds happens normally whenever motion occurs in the joints.

A small imbalance in the leg cap (Patella) or the motion of various ligaments over the joint can provide a popping sound. If it's an instance nevertheless where this sounds is actually associated with discomfort then one has reason for concern. Grinding and locking tend to be better indications of the physical condition in the leg, however the discomfort element is also extremely important in these cases.


As mentioned earlier unless accompanied by discomfort then a popping sound is actually completely normal, if however there's discomfort then its frequently a sign the anterior cruciate tendon (ACL) has been torn. ACL maybe torn in two pieces or even there may just be an incomplete tear, the degree of harm will determine therapy applied.

In the event that ACL is actually ripped apart then surgical treatment followed by rehabilitation is going to be essential, but also for incomplete tears one simply need to avoid activities for some time as the damage will self heal.


Whenever cartilage deterioration occur the bones of the leg combined has a tendency to grind with each other leading to immense discomfort and creating a grinding seem. Normally, this is brought on by rheumatoid arthritis symptoms that hardly ever occur in people under fifty.

The deterioration caused by rheumatoid arthritis symptoms is permanent. Patella tendonitis (runner's leg) may also trigger deterioration of cartilage and therefore the pain sensation and grinding seem. Runner's leg is easily the most likely reason for the grinding sound in the legs of young people, particularly sports athletes.


You might find yourself enjoying a game of baseball and suddenly you're unable to flex the lower-leg or you might be kneeling then find that you're not able to straighten your lower-leg to get up; at these times you're encountering a phenomenon referred to as locking which can be very agonizing.

Pseudo locking is really a reaction to discomfort and functions just like a kill switch in which the leg locks into place whenever stress in the area turns into extreme. True locking is a result of physical issues in the leg, resulting in the leg being rigid, not able to flex or extend.

Overall, the important thing to note is that everyone faces issues with their knees popping, grinding, and locking. If you're also experiencing pain, it's important that you either consult a doctor or perform a therapy routine at home.

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