Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Cure Back Pain - Methods For Treating Common Back Pain

Thousands of people want to know how to cure back pain on a daily basis.

If you are a sufferer and your back pain does not need any medical attention, then there are some things you can do yourself if you have simply over exerted your muscles.

Some examples of treatment you can use are:

Resting in bed
Medical or herbal pain treatments
Hot or cold compresses
Massage and relaxation

Bed rest on a firm mattress that supports the back is often a good place to start. I usually find lying on the floor helps me.

There are numerous over the counter medicines you can buy, and there is an increasing move toward natural herbal remedies today. These can be used to relieve pain and also to relax the muscles. Always seek the advice of a doctor and do not self-diagnose.

Heat and cold can be a tremendous help too. For some people heat can bring quick relief. This could be with a hot water bottle, a bean bag or a nice hot bath with some herbal additives.

For others, a bag of peas from the freezer wrapped in a cloth, so that the skin is protected, is a good solution. I use a gel pack we keep in the freezer. Cold packs work well, but if you have conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or related symptoms you should avoid using cold packs.

If you just have a stiff back and you feel that your muscles are tight, you might find that a gentle massage works wonders for you. Do make sure it is a gentle massage though. Your partner can help here. Using something like baby oil is a good idea when having a massage.

If the massage is making things worse, then stop immediately and see a doctor.

Taking gentle exercise for back pain is often a good method to use. Often people tense up and restrict the
movement to "protect" the back. The more they tense themselves up the less movement they make. This has the effect of restricting the muscle groups.

By taking some gentle exercise and stretching the whole body people can often feel benefits quite quickly. Again you need to know if it's just the back pain from over-exertion or a hard days work or if you have suffered an injury from an accident.

A mixture of gentle exercise for back pain and relaxation get the body muscles back to normal in a lot of cases. Relaxation promotes wellness, since the muscles can rest from over-exertion.

Should the question be how to cure back pain, or should it be how to avoid back pain? You see, prevention is always better than cure!

Office workers are among the highest number of sufferers with back pain because of the amount of time they sit in the same position each day. Bad sitting posture has a lot to do with this.

It's a good idea to get up and have a walk around or do some simple exercise for back pain at work. Do not be a slave to back pain any more. Decide to do something about it today.

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