Monday, July 29, 2013

Facts About Arthritis

My own problems started when my children picked up a virus at school. I soon contracted the same virus, but with devastating effects! Although the actual virus didn't seem to trouble me too much, just a rash and a little tiredness, the weeks after my recovery saw a gradual stiffening of my wrists, then my fingers, and toes. In fact gradually all my "small" joints seemed to be susceptible to the inflammation. Gradually things got worse and the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis was the frightening consequence.

For many years I took the prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories, before embarking on a journey of discovery, which in turn led me to the pain free life that I lead now. (without the aid of drugs or medicines)
From a point of deep depression, I resolved to try and find a way to "cure" myself. I learnt many things about my condition, and the way that it could be treated. But best of all I found a way to rid my body of all the arthritic symptoms. There is no known cure for Arthritis in the medical world. The doctors will treat your condition accordingly with a cocktail of drugs. There are other ways to treat the condition, but the doctors seem to be totally reliant on the drug regime.

The 2 most well known types of Arthritis are "Osteo" and "Rheumatoid". Rheumatoid is where the body's own immune system attacks the joint lining, and Osteo is where the lining of the joint is worn away, and you have "naked" bone rubbing together. (Usually the result of an injury to the joint. Maybe a sports injury.)

In the U.S.A. alone, there are over 48 million sufferers of arthritis. This is an incredible figure, and is unfortunately increasing daily. It is a major cause of disability, and is second only to heart disease. In the work place it is a major cause of "work disability" and the relevant loss of revenue. In the U.K. it is a massive problem for the N.H.S. (National Health Service), as the number of cases rises, and the cost of the ever increasing dependency on drugs spirals almost out of control. Many people with arthritis think that they are beyond help and resign themselves to a life of pain and drug taking. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. A simple diet can help immensely, and in most cases eliminate the arthritis symptoms completely. You might think that this is too good to be true. I did as well! But "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" as they say. If you don't try you never will find out!

Some of the other forms of arthritis include, Lupus, Gout, Fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis. If you think that you have any form of arthritis, it is important to treat it as early as possible so that you can avoid the permanent joint damage that is possible. The easiest way to diagnose the problem is with a visit to your doctor, who should give you a routine blood test. Having been diagnosed, it is up to you whether you take the route that the doctors will suggest, one of drugs. Or take the healthy eating route which can eliminate all the symptoms and let you lead a normal pain free (and drug free) life.

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