Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Steam Cleaning: Ways To Combat Allergies In Your Home

Allergies effect a large part of the population and they continue to inhibit more and more people. This unwanted response of the immune system causes inflammation in the eyes and nose, lungs and skin. These symptoms can result in rhinitis, asthma and eczema, migraines, hyperactivity and rheumatoid arthritis.

Allergy sufferers battle daily the need to clean their home and get rid of dust mites and other allergen triggers. However, many methods and chemical solutions actually increase symptoms. In a published study, people who used household cleaners containing chemicals at least once a week experienced asthma symptoms 50% more times than in people who didn't use toxic chemicals. Household cleaner users that were exposed to the chemicals at least four days a week had twice the likelihood to develop asthma symptoms.

Since it doesn't require any chemicals but instead only uses water, steam cleaning has become a proven alternative for eliminating dirt, particles and grime without causing allergy distress. Completely safe for children and pets, this method keeps hard surface floors and other parts of the home free of toxins by not leaving behind a residue or emitting pollutants into the air. Steam cleaning is a smart choice for allergy suffers because it won't increase or bring on their symptoms.

Steam Cleaning Stops Spread Of Dust Mites

One of the most rampant allergen triggers, dust mite excrement, is a major cause of the stressful symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, eczema and other dust susceptible conditions. Even the cleanest house can be a breeding ground for these tiny creatures that thrive in warmth and humidity. Because they aren't visible without looking through a microscope, this protein feeds on fungi, bacteria and human skin scales.

Trying to fight these invisible creatures with harsh chemicals actually does more harm than good. They aggravate the respiratory system and actually worsen allergy systems. Toxic solutions emit harmful chemicals into the air, decreasing air quality in a home and making it incredibly difficult for an allergy sufferer to breath. These types of solutions also leave a chemical residue on the floor that increases coughing, sneezing and other respiratory problems. To truly get rid of dust mites, steam cleaning regularly will not allow these microscopic pests to inhabit a home. The hot water vapors kill the excretions, not allowing eggs to continue to hatch. Steam cleaning also sucks up all the extra moisture off a hard surface floor, which prevents it from breeding on moisture.

Eliminate Dander

Dander consists of tiny particles that drop off of feathers, skin, or hair and can greatly cause allergies. Because pets can provide a main source for dander, pet owners who suffer from allergies must wage war against this aggravating issue. Like dust mites, dander feed on moisture. Steam cleaning will suck up the pollutants from the air before individuals get a chance to breathe them in. Units that also convert to a hand held steamer work really well on dander since they can reach tight spots and corners that other methods can't touch. Steam cleaning is safe for pets since it only uses water to sanitize floors, furniture, windows, countertops and virtually every area of a home. Using a hand held steamer often will remove pet dander and will minimize allergy attacks.

Hand Held Steamer Gets Rid Of Bacteria, Mildew, and Mold

Vapor machines that offer a dual purpose as a hand held steamer highly contribute to a healthier home and less problems for those who deal with allergies. Bacteria, mold and mildew appear in many sections of a home, but especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Steam cleaning sanitizes these infected areas by only using water that transforms into hot vapors. By not using chemical solutions, respiratory distress is eliminated while bacteria, mildew and mold also disappear. Gone are the days when bleach had to be poured onto ground-in mildew in order to get a shower useable again. Thankfully, people who experience discomfort from allergies don't have to inhale strong odors anymore, causing incessant coughing and wheezing. A hand held steamer that comes with attachments like a direct jet nozzle will blast away mildew from tile grout, behind sinks, and around the bottom of a toilet. It also provides an easy way to disinfect granite countertops and hard to reach corners on hard surface floors. The squeegee attachment makes shower doors sparkle while killing mildew and hard water stains.

Steam cleaners have greatly benefited those who suffer from uncomfortable allergies. Now through the use of steam, dander, bacteria, mildew and dust mites can now be safely and easily eradicated without causing irritation from allergies.

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