Sunday, September 29, 2013

Common Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis affects millions of elderly people daily as it interferes with their daily tasks such as doing household chores, gardening or even simply using walking in short distances. Even necessary movements such as reaching for objects, using gadgets like scissors or knives, or holding the rails of stairs when climbing. This happens because arthritis symptoms are usually painful as caused by the damaged joints from year of wear and tear. As a result, the joints are inflamed and people are somehow immobilized since certain parts of the body like hands, knees, hips and back have become stiff. A little physical exertion on their part would cause so much pain.

Understanding early onset of arthritis symptoms can make us prepare for the onset of this disease. Also, as soon as arthritis symptoms are detected we can immediately consult a health professional to give us proper medical advice about arthritis. Although there are many types of arthritis classified with rheumatoid arthritis as the most common, the symptoms are basically the same.

Common arthritis symptoms signifies pain that is located near the joints. The Mayo Clinic pointed out these symptoms as: joint pain, swelling of the joints, joints feel tender to touch, red and puffy hands, general feeling of weakness or fatigue, fever, loss of weight and firm bumps of tissue under the skin of the arms commonly known as "rheumatoid nodules". It is very common from arthritis sufferers to experience morning stiffness that can last for some hours thereby preventing them from walking or using their hands for simple tasks. Indeed, arthritis can be debilitating for an elderly.

The arthritis symptoms are felt first occurring in smaller joints of the body like the hands, wrists and ankles. Later on, the ailments develop and pain is also felt in larger parts of the body such as elbows, knees, hips, arms, shoulders, as well as the neck. Arthritis symptoms occur symmetrically most of the time, so for example, both legs feel the pain which is a burden. Another thing about arthritis symptoms is that are not chronic and pain can disappear for some time. Although this rest periods offer relief, arthritis would come again as soon as the joints become swollen.

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