Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Decrease Gout Symptoms and Arthritis Symptoms

You've heard the expression "you are what you eat"; but unfortunately that is the case with gout symptoms and arthritis symptoms. The good news is that there are a healthy number of delicious foods that will combat both of these. True, there are many delicious foods that you will need to steer clear of; but hopefully, with enough of the proper foods in you (and maybe a little splurge now and then...very little) you can reach a happy medium.

How to relieve gout symptoms

Eating the right foods is just as important as staying away from the wrong foods. A diet high in omega 3 fatty acids goes a long way to decrease gout symptoms; but the fats from dairy products work in just the opposite way. Purines are the enemy (as is uric acid), which makes sense considering that they go hand in hand. Fresh fruits and veggies are highly recommended for both sufferers of gout and arthritis. Certain veggies are on the 'to- be-avoided' list but overall; celery, carrots and almost all citrus fruits have pectin in them. Pectin is essential for the relief of arthritis symptoms in that it encourages joint flexibility.

Oh and by the way...

Symptoms of arthritis are actually treated with most of the foods used to treat gout. Onions, for instance, are one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Not only are they beneficial to sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and an essential part of a gout diet; but they contain strong antibiotic qualities and are good for sufferers of cardiac issues as well. If you could get the vitamin C necessary for the treatment of gout symptoms and an analgesic to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and one tasty food, would you eat it? Of course you would.

Fortunately, this is exactly the case with sweet cherries. No, not the Maraschino cherries that you drop in your old-fashioned (cocktail)! God only knows what's been done to those. The fresh sweet cherries are what we are referring to. Sweet cherries are not your cup of tea? That's okay, because sour cherries (instead of vitamin C) offer your body vitamin A which can help relieve the inflammation involved with arthritis and the pain of gout. These particular cherries go one step further by working overtime (with their anti-oxidants) to "roto rooter" out your arteries that are all clogged up as a result of an overabundance of uric acid.

Maybe there's a lesson here... It's better to be sour than sweet!

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