Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Does Arthritis Affect Women More Than Men?

Even though Arthritis does not only affect one sex or age group for some reason it tends to affect women more than men.

Below you will find out how Arthritis affects the day-to-day lives of many women across the globe:

Women with this condition find that their sleep will be affected more than if they were suffering with any other chronic illness.

Women who have Arthritis often do not have young children.

Depression is quite common amongst Arthritis sufferers, especially when compared with other chronic conditions.

Women are more likely to need help with their daily activities than men.

Around two-thirds of all Arthritis sufferers are female, which works out at around 41 million Americans.

37% of females have this condition, compared with only 28% of men.

Around the world there are 16 million women with Osteoarthritis. This figure is 3 times higher than the number of males with this condition. You will also find that this condition develops earlier in women too.

1.5 million or 75% of all Rheumatoid Arthritis patients are women.

African-Americans are more susceptible too with the development of Lupus 3 times more likely than Caucasian females.

Why is Arthritis so prevalent in women?

At the present time there is no clear reason why this condition affects women more than men. There are however a few suggested reasons that may be worth exploring in more detail:

Autoimmune diseases are more common in women.

Women have a number of hormone changes throughout their lives, for example through puberty, pregnancy and the menopause.

Often women are not as active as men, which raises the risk level of developing these types of conditions.

Women store more fat than men, resulting in higher cholesterol levels that have been linked with the development of Arthritis.

What's the best way to manage this condition?

Even if you have this condition this does not mean that your life is over as there are ways to help manage and alleviate the symptoms.

By taking a little time to research a suitable treatment will help to relieve the pain and inflammation caused.

You do not need to rely solely on surgery or prescription medication either as certain foods can help, plus there are exercises and techniques shown to help.

Finally herbal supplements are a great option to give you the relief from pain and a chance at being more active in your life.

The benefit of an herbal supplement is that unlike prescription medication you wont have to discontinue its use after a short amount of time.

An effective supplement can reduce the inflammation and pain and will be a safer option to those prescription medicines that often cause side effects.

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