Thursday, July 4, 2013

Natural Remedy For Arthritis - Treat The Cause Of Rheumatoid Arthritis!

The crippling pain of arthritis is a major epidemic in the western world especially amongst older people. The lack of mobility and the constant pain caused by arthritis can damage a person's life not just physically but socially and mentally as their quality of life diminishes. To help with this condition many people take drugs that treat the symptoms but not the cause of rheumatoid arthritis, many people dissatisfied with this type of treatment have looked elsewhere for a natural remedy for arthritis and have been pleasantly surprised!

Arthritis along with many other first worlds, western diseases that have seen a massive explosion in the modern era are almost reaching a crisis point and science and medicine seem helpless to stop this. Instead the medical profession focuses on pain reduction not cures and some of then more cynical amongst us put this down to the fact the drug companies want us to keep buying their medicine not stop a disease. So what can a natural remedy do that modern science cannot?

The first thing to understand about arthritis is that no one agrees on its exact cause also complicated by the fact it is such a broad term for a number of conditions that are grouped under the arthritis umbrella. However it is known that similar conditions can be reversed by the most natural remedy of all, diet and exercise! The biggest problem with people's health today is that we eat too much unnatural food that pollutes our body and puts way to much acid in our system. This chemical imbalance is the cause of a great number of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis; the good news it you can change this naturally!

To counteract the pollutions in your body the best treatment is to change your lifestyle and diet. The main offenders are such processed items such as cola and other soda products as well as overly sugary and salty foods like chips and chocolate bars. Add to this alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and drugs and you can see how the body may not be able to handle all this even if you do not feel too unhealthy. Changing your diet to reflect what humans ate for so many years before our modern diets is a step in the direction of curing arthritis and being a healthier person in general. More vegetables, roots, fruits, nuts, seeds and others will help balance your body's chemicals and bring you much pain relief; add to this more exercise and you have a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and health and can halt and reverse the effects of arthritis.

While many people may need to continue treating the symptoms of arthritis to reduce the pain until they can purge their body of its toxins this natural remedy for arthritis is one you can do simply by living well without exotic herbs or acupuncture. Treat the cause of rheumatoid arthritis or any other arthritis for that matter and you can be pain free for life!

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